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    Microfiber Duster For Home

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    http://Microfiber Duster For HomeEXTENDABLE DUSTER – Our telescoping duster pole is made with stainless steel, and can be extended from 30″ to 100″. You can extend the high duster to the length you need and do the cleaning jobs different heights. The bendable microfiber duster head of is more convenient than ordinary dusters, because it can adjust the angle arbitrarily, and it is easier to clean the dust in the high corners and the dust that is not easy to clean in the dead corners of the furniture.
    MICROFIBER HEAD OF CEILING FAN DUSTER- The head of wet or dry dust collect dusters is made with microfiber, which has strong electrostatic adsorption ability, and can quickly capture and absorb fine dust and hair. And you can use it wet or dry for cleaning dust. The fiber head can help you clean ceilings, cobwebs, walls, ceiling fans and lights, etc. The retractable length can easily clean high places and avoid the dangers that may be caused by climbing, safe and secure.
    BENDABLE FOR CLEANING – The duster head is flexible to bent into various angles that can clean hard-to-reach. And this microfiber duster has a wide use in cleaning household appliances, ceiling, window blinds, ceiling fans, various furniture and cars. Ergonomic design. The grip of this telescoping duster is comfortable, it will not be uncomfortable or tired after long-term use, and is not easy to rust. When not in use, it can be placed in the corner of the home and will not take up extra space.

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